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If you don't get a response then the following users can also authorize you: Min Tigerpaw, Kayaker Magic, Deuce Halsey and Dot Matrix.

In your request, include your Google+ user nameemail address.

Once you've been authorized, you will get a notification saying that you have access.


For example, if you are holding your event in the Kitely Welcome Center, then enter this world's Hypergrid Address in the event's "Where" field:

Panel Welcome Center

If you wish, you can enter the world address in the event's Description field instead of the "Where" field. If you choose to do this then the address must be the last thing in its line.

You can optionally specify a starting location in the world by adding the coordinates after the region name. Note that this will only work if the world doesn't have a default starting location set. Here are two examples (with and without a "Z" coordinate):

Panel Welcome Center/120/130 Welcome Center/120/130/21


In general, the event description should contain only plain text (not HTML). However, it's possible to include images by using this format (substitute your own image URL):