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Here's an example of a valid CSV file:







# Remarks

# Staff

Albus Dumbledore



The headmaster

Minerva McGonagall



Severus Snape




Rubeus Hagrid


# Students

Harry Potter




Cedric Diggory



Luna Lovegood



Draco Malfoy




Blank lines and comments (lines that begin with the character #) are ignored. So the lines "# Staff" and "# Students" are ignored.


Note: for simplicity, we've shown the CSV file as a table. Most people use a spreadsheet program such as Excel to write CSV files, so this table matches what you will see on-screen. Here's what the actual CSV file looks like (if you open it in a simple text editor instead of in a spreadsheet program):


Code Block
Name,Email,Password,Age,Maturity,Group,# Remarks
# Staff,,,,,,
Albus Dumbledore,,,18+,,Admins,The headmaster
Minerva McGonagall,,,18+,,Teachers,
Severus Snape,,theprince,18+,,Teachers,
Rubeus Hagrid,,,18+,,,
# Students,,,,,,
Harry Potter,,,<13,General,Gryffindor,
Cedric Diggory,,,13-16,,Hufflepuff,
Luna Lovegood,,,<13,,Ravenclaw,
Draco Malfoy,,,<13,General,Slytherin,

Required Fields

  • Name - the name of the user

  • First Name, Last Name - alternatively, instead of "Name" you can choose to use the two fields "First Name" and "Last Name"

  • Age - the user's age range. The possible values are:

    • <13

    • 13-16

    • 16-18

    • 18+ (or 18)

Optional Fields

  • Email - the user's email. Managed Users aren't required to have an email, so you can leave this blank. We don't attempt to verify the email address, so make sure it's correct.

  • Password - the user's password. If you omit this then the server will choose a random password (which will be provided to you; this is described later).

    • Valid passwords must contain 8-16 characters

  • Maturity - the Maturity Rating of the user. If it's omitted then the default maturity rating for the user's age will be used. The possible values are:

    • General

    • Moderate

    • Adult

  • Group - a User Group that the user will automatically join. (Only one group can be specified.)

User Name

Specifying the Name

You can choose to specify the name in one of two ways:

  • One field: Name

  • Two fields: First Name and Last Name

You should use whichever method is easier for you.


Every user needs an OpenSim Avatar Name. We will automatically convert the name that you supply into an OpenSim name. However, you should be aware that OpenSim has strict limitations on avatar names:

  • They must contain exactly two parts, a First Name and a Last Name

  • They can only use English characters, digits, and a few punctuation characters

  • They must be unique in all of Kitely

Therefore, if the user name is already in use in OpenSim then we will automatically create a unique name by adding a suffix. For example:

  • John Smith

  • John Smith_2

  • John Smith_3

  • etc.

Sometimes we won't be able to generate an OpenSim Avatar Name despite our best efforts. For example, this can happen if you supply a name that uses non-Latin characters, e.g. a name in Greek. In such cases we won't create the user, and you will get an error message for that user.