"Channels" track how users get to your products. Each way in which a user can get to your products is a Channel.

For general information about Analytics, see Kitely Market Analytics.

Types of Channels


The user entered your product page directly, without coming from a search page. This can happen if the user had bookmarked the URL, or refreshed the browser while on the product page.

Search Market

The user was browsing Kitely Market, and saw your product.

Front Page - the user saw your product in the front page of Kitely Market (i.e., without entering any specific search terms or viewing a specific category).

Categories - the user had clicked on a specific category, and saw your product inside that category.

Keywords - the user had entered text in the search box.

Search Store

The user was browsing Kitely Market inside your store.

The sub-channels under "Search Store" are the same as under "Search Market": they are "Front Page", "Categories" or "Keywords". But in all of these cases, the search was performed while the user was viewing your store; not the general market.


The user viewed or clicked an ad. (Learn more about ads.)

Product Ads

Store Ads


Sometimes a single view of a product is counted in multiple channels. For example, suppose the user was viewing a category, and they also entered text in the search box. In that case, the products that are shown as the results of the search will be counted in two channels: in the "Categories" channel, and in the "Keywords" channel.

The "Direct" channel will always have "Impressions" = 0. That's because "Direct", by definition, means that the user entered the product page without coming from a search page.