Using "Setup Kitely" for Windows


This page explains how to install the Setup Kitely program on Windows. It also contains tips about installing Firestorm.

For general information about this program, see Setup Kitely.

Setup Kitely supports Windows 7 and above.

How to Install Setup Kitely

  1. Download Setup Kitely.

  2. Run the program.

  3. Your anti-virus program will probably warn you about this program. This warning appears because this is a new program that anti-virus companies have rarely seen. However, the program is digitally signed, so you can be certain that it came from us (Kitely). If you're using Windows Defender then here's how to bypass the warning:

1) Click More info

2) Click Run anyway

3) Setup Kitely will start:

You should have received your OrganizationUsername and Password from your organization administrator. Use them to login, and continue as prompted.

How to Run Firestorm

If you don't already have Firestorm then Setup Kitely will download and install it for you.

The first time that you run Firestorm you will get a security prompt, asking you to allow access for slvoice.exe. Click Allow access. (slvoice is the program that allows you to use voice chat in Firestorm.)