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If you are new to the Kitely Market then please read the Kitely Market Overview, our page on Respecting Intellectual Property, and our Maturity Ratings Guidelines.

Modifying Products and Variations


The name shouldn't include any special characters or capitalization whose only purpose is to make it stand out. However, it can include special characters or capitalization if they are an integral part of a brand name.



Flowing Hair w/Ribbon

HairCorp Flowing Hair

::MyBrand:: Leather Pants

Flowing Hair w/Ribbon (Full Perms)


Flowing Hair [by HairCorp]

..:::{{ Flowing Hair }}:::..

Super Gold Ring!!!

Write product names in English to maximize the number of people who will be able to understand them. In addition, non-Latin characters may not be visible in users' inventories.


Product images should accurately reflect how the product appears in the virtual world viewer. Don't show artistic renditions or real-world images; people should be able to see exactly what they will be getting. You can add additional elements to the image if you want, but only if they aren't misleading as to what users will actually get.


Product images use a 4:3 aspect ratio, so we strongly recommend that you use the same aspect ratio when uploading images.


When a product contains multiple variations, usually each variation should have at least one image. However, sometimes variations don't have any visible differences (e.g., they differ only in their scripts). In that case the variations should share an already uploaded image instead of uploading the same image again. This is possible because when a variation doesn't have an image we automatically display the image from a nearby product variation instead (one of the previous variations, or if they don't have any images then one of the next variations).

Try to create images where the product fills the entire image area. People are attracted to large images, so this can help you increase your sales.


Items with significant differences must be separate products. For example:

  • Different hair styles: each hair style should have its own product.

  • Different types of cars: each car model should have its own product.

Items with minor differences should be variations. For example:

  • Product: Hair. Variations: by color; by length.

  • Product: Car. Variations: by color; with or without spoilers.

  • Product: Big foam hand. Variations: left-handed or right-handed.



Don't specify attributes if they're not relevant to the product variation. For example, the "Occasion" attribute is often not relevant, so you should leave it as "N/A". When you specify irrelevant attributes you might get a few people to view your product by mistake, but they won't be interested in it and will just be annoyed.