Maturity Ratings Guidelines

Kitely is used by a wide variety of users, including: young supervised children; unsupervised teens; people in the workplace; adults not looking for adult content; and adults looking for adult content. Kitely uses a Maturity Rating system to hide content and behaviors that are inappropriate for the user (e.g., too young) or for the setting (e.g., the workplace). This document describes the available maturity ratings, and provides guidelines for deciding how to rate the content that you create.

Types of Maturity Ratings

There are three types of Maturity Ratings:

  • General - family-safe content and behaviors that are appropriate for anyone, including children and people in the workplace. These content and behaviors should be safe to view without upsetting anyone from a Western culture. They include no content or behaviors that would get a teacher in trouble if they were shown in a class of young children. No nudity of any kind is allowed, no violence, no controlled substances, and no content that is even mildly sexual.

  • Moderate - most non-adult activities and content belong here. Anyone that is at least 13 years old may view this content, so assume that there are unsupervised teens around and act appropriately. No nudity and no illegal substances are allowed. May contain mild PG-13 type sexual activity (kissing, hugging), mild language, and mild violence.

  • Adult - anything goes, as long as it complies with our Terms of Service. You must be at least 18 years old to view this content and participate in this type of behavior. This content is not safe for work and may be objectionable to you and others.

Users Have a Maturity Rating

Each user has a Maturity Rating that determines which Kitely worlds and Kitely Market items the user can view. You can't visit worlds that are inappropriate for your Maturity Rating, and you won't even see them in your Public Worlds search results. Similarly, you can't buy items that are inappropriate for your Maturity Rating in the Kitely Market, and you won't see them in your Kitely Market search results. You can't even receive such items as gifts from someone else if they buy them for you in Kitely Market.

The default Maturity Rating for new accounts is Moderate. You can change your Maturity Rating in the Settings page at any time.

The highest Maturity Rating that you can select depends on your date of birth. The first time you try to change your Maturity Rating you will be asked to provide Kitely with your date of birth. If your account was created using Facebook then Kitely will get your date of birth directly from Facebook. If your account was created using Twitter or using the email/password option then you will be asked to type in your date of birth (which is not verified).

Once a date of birth has been set for your account you will not be able to change it without contacting Kitely. This means that parents and teachers can restrict children's Maturity Rating by creating an account for them; setting their date of birth; and then possibly changing their Maturity Rating to General. It isn't required to enter the precise date of birth, so you can simply enter the current date; this will ensure that the account's Maturity Rating can't be raised above General for the next 13 years.

Worlds Have a Maturity Rating

If you create a world then you need to assign a Maturity Rating to it. Consider the content and activities in your world, and compare them to the types of Maturity Ratings described above (General, Moderate and Adult). Your world's Maturity Rating should be the same as the content with the highest Maturity Rating in it.

You are responsible for keeping your world in-line with its Maturity Rating. This means that if you allow users to create content into your world, and they create content that is too mature for the world, then you need to delete it. If users engage in behavior that is inappropriate for your world then you need to kick them out and possibly ban them. While we do not expect you to be in-world 24/7, if you are made aware of such problems then you should handle them in a prompt manner.

Worlds also have a World Page, which is the website page that describes the world. The World Page may not contain Adult content, even if the world itself is Adult-themed, because the World Page may be viewed by users who aren't allowed to enter the world. You may describe the contents of the world using text, but any images must be at most Moderate rated.

If you encounter a world that contains content or behaviors that are not appropriate to its Maturity Rating then contact the world's manager to let them know. You can contact the world manager by clicking on his or her name in the World Manager area in the World Page, and then selecting the Send Message link. If the world manager does not act promptly to correct the situation (either by removing the inappropriate content or by changing the world's Maturity Rating) then report the problem to Kitely by clicking the Report link in the World Page.

Kitely Market Products Have a Maturity Rating

Products in Kitely Market have a Maturity Rating that is set by the product's creator. Products must have the Maturity Rating that matches their appearance and behavior.

If you create Avatar skins and clothing then those items have an additional requirement: they must cover a minimum area of the avatar's anatomy, depending on their Maturity Rating. The following images show which parts of the avatar must be covered in order for a skin or clothing to have a General or Moderate maturity rating. If your items don't cover at least these areas then they must use the Adult maturity rating. In these images, the areas shown in white must be covered with non-transparent materials of distinctly non-skin-like color. You can download these templates in this ZIP file.


Minimum coverage for General rated Males

Minimum coverage for General rated Females

Minimum coverage for General rated Males

Minimum coverage for General rated Females


Minimum coverage for Moderate rated Males

Minimum coverage for Moderate rated Females

Minimum coverage for Moderate rated Males

Minimum coverage for Moderate rated Females

If you encounter an item in Kitely Market that is not listed using the appropriate Maturity Rating then please let us know.