Server Speed

Kitely is Fast!

OpenSim providers vary greatly by their speed. At Kitely, all of our worlds feature high performance and low lag.

Fast Hardware

We run OpenSim on powerful servers with Intel Xeon CPUs and SSD hard drives. Our servers are hosted in the world-class Amazon data center in California.

Each world gets a generous amount of dedicated memory: between 1 GB and 7 GB, depending on the world type. Having a lot of memory is important to ensure high performance for worlds with many objects, scripts or visitors.

We place no more than 4 worlds on each server. This ensures that each world gets plenty of RAM and CPU resources.

If you need even faster performance then we also offer Dedicated Servers, which give the resources of an entire server to just one world.

How can Kitely afford to provide so many resources to each world? It's because we have a practically unlimited number of servers, since we start servers on-demand in the Amazon cloud.

Fast Network

Each Kitely server has a fast gigabit network connection, to enable great performance even when many people are visiting your world.

We use CloudFront, Amazon’s renowned Content Delivery Network, to quickly deliver content to people’s viewers. CloudFront has practically unlimited bandwidth, and it has servers in many cities around the world (see this map). This ensures that your world’s visitors can quickly download content from Kitely no matter where they’re located or how many other people are currently using our system.

Fast Software

In addition to excellent hardware and network, we use a proprietary and highly optimized version of OpenSim which further improves performance.

We use our own cloud-based Asset and Inventory services, which run on top of high-availability Amazon systems. This enables our services to be much faster than the services that come with regular OpenSim. As a result, Kitely worlds are rendered quickly, and Kitely users don't have to wait for their inventory to load.