Using "Setup Kitely" for Mac


This page explains how to install the Setup Kitely program on a Mac. It also contains tips about installing Firestorm.

For general information about this program, see Setup Kitely.

Setup Kitely supports macOS Yosmite 10.10 and above.

How to Install Setup Kitely

  1. Download Setup Kitely.

  2. Your browser might display a warning like the following. If you get such a warning then click on the arrow and select “Keep”:

  3. Open the ZIP file that you have downloaded. This extracts the file Setup

  4. Run the program.

  5. You will see the usual warning about opening apps downloaded from the internet. Click "Open".

Setup Kitely will start:

You should have received your OrganizationUsername and Password from your organization administrator. Use them to login, and continue as prompted.

How to Run Firestorm

If you don't already have Firestorm then Setup Kitely will ask you to download and install it.

Download and install Firestorm like any other program. Then, run Firestorm. You'll get this error message:

(It's possible that you won't get this error message, if you've changed your security settings to allow running programs from anywhere. In that case, ignore this section: you can use Firestorm immediately. But most users will see this error message.)

Here's what you need to do next:

  1. Click “Cancel” to dismiss the error message.

  2. Open Finder, and go to your "Applications" folder

  3. Find ""

  4. Right-click it and select "Open"

You'll get another warning dialog, but this time the dialog will contain an "Open" button:

Click "Open", and finally Firestorm will run.

Quit Firestorm. We only needed to get it to run once; from now on Firestorm will run without any problems.

The Setup Kitely program should still be running. Quit it, and then run it again. It will see that you have installed Firestorm, and will configure it for you.