Avatars Library

The Avatars Library contains the Organization’s default avatars. When a new user joins your Organization they need to run the Setup Kitely program, and it lets them choose one of the avatars in the Avatars Library as their initial avatar.

A new Organization starts out with an Avatars Library that contains the following avatars:

  • 7 avatars that are identical to the default Kitely avatars. These avatars can change all of their clothes, including their underwear.

  • 6 avatars that have a similar visual style to the default Kitely avatars, but have underwear that is part of their skin layer (so they can’t get fully naked by taking off all their clothes). These avatars have a name that contains the text “(for organizations)”.

You’ll probably only want to enable one of these sets, but not both. Organizations that have an entertainment purpose might want to let their users select among the avatars that are fully customizable (including their underwear), while Organizations that have a mainly educational or professional purpose might want to enable only the avatars that can’t get fully naked.

For example, the screenshot below shows an organization that has chosen to use only the non-naked avatars. This is done by checking the “Enabled” checkbox only next to those avatars. (You can also delete avatars that you don’t need, but you might prefer to just disable them, as shown below, since this gives you the option of enabling them in the future.)

The Picture button (the left-most button in the “Actions” column) lets you upload a thumbnail image for the avatar: this is the image that your users see when they choose their avatar. The arrow buttons change the order in which the avatars are shown in Setup Kitely.

For example, compare the settings in the Avatars Library (in the screenshot above) to what is displayed to users in Setup Kitely (in the screenshot below).

Custom Avatars

You can add your own avatars to the Avatars Library by copying the current appearance of your own avatar, or that of any of the Organization’s Managed Users. To do so, click the “+” icon.

You aren’t allowed to copy the appearance of any Independent User (except yourself).