Merchants can promote their products by buying ads. When users browse Kitely Market, ads appear above the regular search results. Ads are identified with the section heading "Featured Products" or "Featured Store".

Kitely Market supports two types of ads: Product Ads and Store Ads. These types are explained in more detail later.

All ads have the following properties:

  • Placement - the location where the ad is shown. The Placement can be the Front Page, or any Category.

  • Target - what is shown when the ad is clicked. The target can be a single product, or the merchant's store.

  • Dates - when the ad is visible to users

Product Ads

Product Ads promote specific products. A Product Ad is tied to one particular product, and shows that product's thumbnail and details. When the ad is clicked, the Product Page is shown.

Store Ads

Store Ads promote an entire store. Store Ads look similar to banner ads: they display a custom image that the merchant has uploaded, and they take up as much room as three Product Ads. When the ad is clicked, the Store Page is shown.

The Target of a Store Ad can be customized:

  • Store front page - show all the products in the store

  • Category - show the products in one particular category in the store

Merchants that have several types of products can create different ads for each type, and have those ads link to the category that contains only those products. For example, one ad could say "Hats for Sale" and another ad could say "Boats Boats Boats!".

Images for Store Ads

Store Ads display a custom image that the merchant has uploaded (650 x 150 pixels). Kitely reviews each of these images to ensure that it complies with our Terms of Service, and that the ad only promotes items that are available in the linked store. If the image is approved then the ad can become active. If the image is rejected then the ad can't become active. In that case the merchant can create a different ad with a different image, and contact us to get a refund for the rejected ad.

If a Store Ad is created very near to the time that it's supposed to become active then its activation time may be delayed a little in order to allow time for Kitely to check the image.

When a Store Ad is created the merchant must specify the Maturity of the image. It's permissible to create ads with Adult images, as long as the maturity is set to Adult. (There's no need to select a maturity for Product Ads because they automatically use the maturity of the product.)


Ads may be active for 7-90 days.

Ads don't renew automatically, but merchants can easily renew an ad manually by visiting the ad's page and clicking Clone.

Ads always become active or non-active at midnight (GMT). As a consequence, ads never become active immediately after they're purchased: the earliest that an ad can become active is the following day.

Ad Slots

Kitely Market displays either three Product Ads or one Store Ad on each page. These ads are chosen at random from among all of the active ads for the Placement that the user is viewing (the Front Page or a Category). Store Ads are three times as likely to be chosen as Product Ads.

Each Placement has 30 ad slots. This is a limit on the number of ads that may be purchased for that Placement on any particular day. A Product Ad takes up 1 slot, and a Store Ad takes up 3 slots. For example, this means that on any particular day up to 30 different product ads may appear in the Front Page (over the entire day; not all at once); or up to 10 different store ads; or any other combination of ads that totals 30 slots. As another example, if a Placement has up to 3 Product Ads then those ads will be shown 100% of the time, because they don't have to compete with any other ads.

Ads aren't shown in Store Pages.

Price List

Product Ads (size 1)





Front page

$0.33 / day

Top level category

$0.15 / day

Internal category

$0.10 / day

Store Ads (size 3) 





Front page

$1.00 / day

Top level category

$0.45 / day

Internal category

$0.30 / day

Ads may be purchased using Kitely Credits (KC) or USD. There's one limitation: the minimum purchase price when using USD is $1.00.

All ad purchases are one-time events: after the ad duration elapses, the ad stops appearing.

Creating Ads

To create an ad, go to the Manage Ads page by selecting "Go to > Manage Ads" from the navigation menu. Then click "Create Product Ad" or "Create Store Ad", and fill in the ad details in the dialog.

It's also possible to create Product Ads from the product page, by clicking "Create Ad". That's just a shortcut that automatically fills in the current product in the dialog, so that you don't have to enter it yourself.

Ad Performance

The Manage Ads page shows all of the ads that the merchant has created, and each ad's performance:

  • Impr. - Ad Impressions, i.e. how many times the ad was viewed

  • Clicks - how many times the ad was clicked

  • Sales - how many sales resulted from users who clicked the ad

  • Revenue - the revenue that was generated by these sales


Kitely Market has extensive analytics that allow merchants to understand how users find their products. Ads are one of the channels through which users find products. When a user views a product as the result of an ad, that Product Impression is attributed to the Ads channel. When a user gets to a product page as the result of clicking on an ad, that Product View is also attributed to the Ads channel. And finally, if a user purchases a product as the result of clicking on an ad then that sale is attributed to the Ads channel.

The word "Impressions" might cause some confusion, because it's used in two different ways. They are:

  • Ad Impressions - the number of times an ad was viewed. This is the statistic that is shown in the Manage Ads page.

  • Product Impressions - the number of times a product thumbnail was viewed. This is the statistic that is shown in the Analytics Channels page.