Kitely Market Fees

Fees Paid by Buyers

If the shopping cart includes any items that are purchased using USD then a Real Money Processing Fee of $0.30 will be added to the cart. This charge is added to cover Kitely's PayPal processing fees. This fee will not be charged if the cart includes only items that are purchased using KC.

Fees Paid by Merchants to Kitely

Kitely charges a sales commission on items sold in the Kitely Market. The commission changes depending on which currency was used, to reflect our costs:

  • Items purchased using KC: 10%

  • Items purchased using USD: 20%


When someone buys your product using KC, we will transfer 90% of those KC into your Kitely account. 

When someone buys your product using USD, we will transfer 80% of those USD into your store's balance in Kitely. You can view your store's balance by selecting "My Store" from the navigation listbox at the top of the screen. The store's balance will be transferred to your PayPal account later, according to these terms:

  • Each USD transaction that was received from buyers will be withheld for 45 days before being cleared for payout, in order to get past PayPal's 45-day transaction-dispute window. 

  • Money cleared for payout will be automatically deposited into your PayPal account once per week (unless it's below the minimum payout amount; see below).

  • There's a minimum payout amount of $10. We will not make transfers to your PayPal account if your store's balance is below $10.

  • If we are unable to transfer the withheld money to your PayPal account for 90 days then we will convert it to KC and add those KC to your Kitely account.

You must have a Verified PayPal account in order to receive USD from the Kitely Market.

Fees Paid by Merchants to PayPal

PayPal will charge you fees on money deposited into your PayPal account. These fees depend on the type of PayPal account you have, your country, and possibly other factors. You should learn about PayPal's fee structure in order to get the best possible rate.

Tip: Consider configuring your PayPal account to keep a balance in US Dollars in order to avoid exchange rate fees, since Kitely Market deposits money into your account in US Dollars.

Tip: Once you reach a certain level of revenue per month you can ask PayPal to reduce your transaction fees.